Antivirus For iPhone – How to Keep Your iPhone Safe From Malware and Virus Attacks

Despite the fact that iPhones are marketed as one of the most secure operating systems in the world (a handy marketing tool for Apple) malware on iPhones is a very real threat. From viruses that steal passwords to Trojans that track your messages, it’s essential that you ensure that you keep your iOS device secure with the most reliable antivirus for iphone.

No, iPhones don’t need an antivirus as such but they can be infected with malware – unless they’ve been jailbroken of course. A majority of security applications for iPhones can also be used with iPads and iPod touches. Be wary of apps that are advertised as antivirus for iphone, however, they do not provide security.

Avast Mobile Security is a free app which offers adequate iphone security against viruses. The app scans all the systems and looks for security flaws. The app updates its definitions database daily to identify new threats. It also includes a password monitor that checks databases to notify you when passwords associated your email address are exposed online. The app protects your privacy online and offline with features like a photo vault that keeps your photos safe and private, as well as a remote lock-and-wipe feature that is activated when your phone goes missing.

If you are seeking an antivirus with more advanced features, look into Norton or McAfee. Both offer a variety of features that include real-time protection against viruses for iphones, security warnings and parental controls. These apps safeguard your privacy when using public Wi-Fi networks with secure banking. The software can even locate your lost or stolen iPhone and send you a photograph of anyone trying to use it.

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