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OBESITY- A Medical Problem What is Bariatric Medicine? Bariatric Medicine is the non-surgical medical management of overweight and obese patients. What is a Bariatric Physician? Bariatric Physicians have the knowledge base and specialized skills to ensure an elevated standard of care in the management and treatment of obesity and related conditions. What is the purpose of Bariatric Certification? Certified Bariatric Physicians go by established Bariatric Practice Guidelines that focus on four main areas for successful weight-loss: 1. Diet 2. Exercise 3. Behavior Modification 4. Medication, if appropiate Why Bariatrics? In 1985, NIH-National Institutes of Health designated obesity as a specific disease category that requires treatment by trained physicians. Obesity is considered a chronic medical condition and not just a behavioral issue that an individual should be able to manage. This is the reason why the medical community has become better at treating obesity related conditions and co-morbidities, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes but have not come to a consensus on how to treat obesity itself.

Medical Weight Loss--what to expect at Times Bariatric Centre ?

Times Bariatric Centre

Times Bariatric Centre for medical weight loss has been started and managed by Dr. Sadiqa U. Babar, at Times Hospital. Patients are seen with prior appointment. First time patients are registered. They are weighed and measured and their parameters are explained to them in detail. They undergo a health assessment and a detailed medical and surgical history is taken. All patients are required to undergo basic initial investigations. According to the patients’ condition and goals, they recieve a diet, exercise and medication prescription and follow-up plan. Patients are educated and counselled in detail and all their questions answered. Patients are followed up as often as required. The trained and friendly staff at Times ensures that each patient is fully satisfied. We have senior dieticians, nurses, reception personnel and call centre staff to ensure a warm reception, excellent dietary support, monthly follow-up and if needed, delivery of medicines at your doorstep. Apart from their regular work, staff` members go out of their way to provide you the emotional backing and motivation that you need when on a weight loss program Times Hospital has an excellent Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery Team. Senior plastic surgeons perform a whole range of surgeries here. Patients wishing to get eg. tummy-tucks, spot reductions and tightening done after they have lost weight can conveniently avail this consultation and service at the hospital. How much weight loss can one expect?Depending on the patient, one can expect, on an average, a` weight loss of 1- 2 kg per week with this bariatric treatment. I cannot exercise. I have knee pain. Can I still lose weight? Exercise does not make you lose weight. Yes, you can still lose weight without exercising on this weight loss programCan patients living overseas benefit from this treatment? Many patients living in other states and countries have already lost weight and benefitted from this program. Such patients can email or call Times Bariatric Centre for assessment. Will I regain my weight after I stop this treatment?As part of this treatment, you will be followed up for maintanence and be given enough knowledge base to prevent you from regaining weight.


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